Primary School Highlights

Teacher with two students

LET/SET Teaching Model

In each BASIS Curriculum first, second, and third grade classroom, all students are taught by two specialists: the Learning Expert Teacher (LET), who possesses a deep knowledge of effective pedagogical techniques, and the Subject Expert Teacher (SET), who possesses a deep knowledge of the content being delivered to students. Additionally, the daily schedule, which requires LETs to accompany their students from classroom to classroom and from SET to SET, provides students with consistency and continuity in support and expectations while also modeling flexibility in acquisition of knowledge.

The BASIS Curriculum LET/SET model allows our schools to avoid “tracking” students into different classes by “ability” and “potential” without leaving behind students who are exceptionally challenged, or students who are exceptionally under-challenged, by the standard curriculum. The LET/SET model provides opportunities for teachers to pull students aside and work individually with them in areas in which they may need differentiated instruction. In the BASIS Curriculum classroom, teachers provide individualized support both for students who need extra support to master the curriculum, and also for those students who master the curriculum easily and need further challenges.


Students use hands-on approaches to create unique solutions to scenario-based problems which require the utilization of knowledge and skills taught in their other classes. The Connections course is designed to increase interpersonal skills, build critical thinking skills, enrich the content learned in other courses, and allow students to showcase and refine their creative minds. Connections allows students to further integrate the concepts they learn in their other courses in a lively, tactile, and experiential way. This course allows all students to examine their culture, and is an important way for young learners to become more familiar with the way language and vocabulary shape culture in their communities. All students benefit from the multidisciplinary approach to the content, from the songs and music played in class, and from the many graphic organizers, photos, and other visuals used to describe elements of culture and economy.

Two BASIS Goodyear Primary students
BASIS Goodyear Primary girl playing flute

Fine Arts Block

Students in the primary grades enjoy a block of “specials” that allows students to experience a variety of artistic disciplines. The Music program is sequentially designed to provide essential experiences in the five conceptual areas of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expression. Each elemental area of music is taught through a wide range of musical processes: moving, speaking/singing, listening, playing, reading/notating, and creating/improvising. In Performance Arts, students will explore the magic of theatre while building confidence and public speaking skills. With a focus on improvisation and confidence-building, students explore different styles of theatre, puppetry, improvisation, movement, and performance. The Visual Arts course exposes students to a wide range of visual art techniques. Students are inspired to explore and develop creative and innovative ideas, preparing them for a variety of future interests, as well as establishing an overall appreciation for the arts.