Private Primary School

Our private primary school is geared towards children from pre-kindergarten through to grade 4 and designed to build a solid educational foundation while also cultivating curiosity and critical thinking.

The BASIS Curriculum introduces students to a liberal arts curriculum, which gradually develops young scholars who stand out among their peers.

Our rigorous curriculum includes subjects such as:

  • Language and literacy
  • Math and science
  • Engineering and technology
  • Humanities
  • Linguistics
  • PE and sports
  • Performing arts, visual arts and music

Learn More About BASIS Independent Academies Primary School

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We have subject experts teaching small classes

In addition to an accelerated curriculum that challenges children early, smaller classes led by subject matter experts, who often have masters’ and doctorate degrees, allows students to partner with educators who are deeply invested in their growth and success.

Our teachers, Learning Expert Teachers (LET) and Subject Expert Teachers (SET), are focused on providing individualized support that meets each child at their level, so that no child is left behind. Furthermore, no child will find themselves unchallenged in our classrooms.

We prepare students for a career of learning

At BASIS Independent Academies, all learning is integrated, with each level seamlessly built upon the next. Our primary school students are being prepared for middle school, and our middle school students prepare for high school from early on. Our Academic Support Program ensures students are prepared for the challenges of the next grade level by the time they complete each school year.

Transitions between grade levels are smooth and carefully thought out at BASIS Independent Academies.