Middle School Curriculum

Our middle school curriculum allows students to increase their depth of knowledge in core subjects while building the academic mindset.

Courses by Grade

Grades 5-9

  • English 5
  • Introduction to Pre-Algebra or Pre-Algebra or higher level
  • Physical Geography
    Intermediate Science
  • Classics
  • Latin I
  • PE
  • Performing Arts 5
    Visual Arts 5
    Music 5
  • English 6
  • Pre-Algebra or Algebra I/Geometry or higher level
  • Chemistry I
    Biology I
    Physics I
  • Ancient History, Geography, & Government
  • Latin II
  • PE
  • Art History & Practice (choice of Art, Music, or Drama)
  • English 7
  • Algebra I/Geometry or Algebra II/Geometry or higher level
  • Chemistry II
    Biology II
    Physics II
  • Modern World History, Geography, & Government
  • Logic
  • Foreign Language (choice of Latin, French, Spanish, or Mandarin)
  • Elective
  • English 8
  • Algebra II/Geometry or Pre-Calculus or higher level
  • Chemistry III
    Biology III
    Physics III
  • U.S. History, Geography, & Government
  • Foreign Language (choice of Latin, French, Spanish, or Mandarin)
  • Elective
Please Note:
  • Courses listed represent typical course sequence.
  • Students must take English, history, math, science, and foreign language in grades 9–11; electives can be in any subject.
  • Students must take the same foreign language throughout high school.
  • Students must take science credits in at least two disciplines (biology, physics, or chemistry).
  • In order to graduate, students must take the exams for AP Seminar and AP Research; at least one AP Exam in English, math, and science; and one AP Exam in a course of their choosing.