Private Middle School

The BASIS Curriculum in grades 5-8 is designed to shape students into thinkers who are capable of applying knowledge practically, and using their skills to solve real-world problems.

Middle school students at BASIS Curriculum Schools study a combination of:

  • English
  • Latin, French, Spanish or Mandarin
  • Algebra, geometry and calculus
  • Geography
  • Physics and chemistry
  • Biology
  • Ancient, world and U.S. history
  • Government
  • Logic
  • Economics
  • PE
  • Art, music or drama

Interdisciplinary courses give students the opportunity to contextualize their knowledge, and improve comprehension skills as they advance through grade levels, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of recurring concepts.

Learn More About BASIS Independent Academies Middle School

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BASIS Teachers are Subject Specialists

Students at BASIS Independent Academies are taught by Subject Expert Teachers (SETs). Our SETs often hold a master’s or doctorate degree in their subject areas. Being taught by highly experienced teachers who are experts in their fields gives our students an edge when it comes to learning advanced materials.

We Focus on High School Readiness

High school preparation at private middle school is woven into the fabric of our program, rather than introduced in the final year. Students are taught how to learn, how to apply their knowledge, and practice the academic and organizational skills that will carry them into high school and beyond.

They are introduced to the concept of standardized testing early and develop the skills necessary to excel at them.

Flexibility when it comes to course selection at our private middle school further encourages students to take a self-directed approach to their education.