Private High School

High school at BASIS Independent Academies consists of grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. College preparation and setting goals for the future are major focuses of the BASIS Curriculum during this time. However, the program is not limited to college preparation; students undertake varied coursework and projects that are designed to help them develop a diverse skillset that meets the needs of an increasingly global landscape.

Courses offered at our private high school include:

  • AP and Honors English
  • AP Research
  • AP Calculus and Math
  • Honors and AP Science
  • Ancient History, Modern World History and U.S. History
  • Foreign Languages
  • AP and Non-AP electives
  • College Counseling

Learn More About BASIS Independent Academies High School

To find out more about how BASIS Independent Academies accelerated program prepares students for assessments and standardized tests, including SATs and ACTs take a look at our curriculum and classroom:

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BASIS Curriculum Seminars Prepare Students for Critical Thinking

Seminars will give students the opportunity to develop their research, argumentative discourse and presentations skills, teaching them the benefits of meaningful conversation and debate.

We believe that students are autonomous learners capable of extraordinary academic outputs and teachers are scholars, and should act and be treated as such.

All courses are taught by scholars who are masters in their areas of content, including those with specialized masters and PhD degrees. Our teachers are true subject matter experts. Our Academic Support Program ensures that students develop the skills they need to balance our rigorous course work.

Liberal Arts High School Education

BASIS Independent Academies private high school is rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, meaning students learn not only practical skills but soft skills. We subscribe to the belief that a liberal arts education prepares students to not only solve problems but also think strategically to figure out which problems to solve.

Our college counseling course helps students achieve the specific goals that they need to meet to gain entry into their selected schools. The course also takes into account often overlooked factors like college tuition in order to set each child up for long-term success.