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BASIS Curriculum Schools, serving more than 24,000 students, teach children not to avoid hard work and challenges, but to embrace them. Since the first BASIS Curriculum School opened in 1998, we have set the standard of educational achievement across the United States and around the world.

BASIS Independent Academies are tuition-based, liberal arts private schools. In the inaugural year, the school is looking to serve early kindergarten through grade 10. Each year the school will serve a new grade until it is a full early kindergarten through grade 12 school.

BASIS Independent Academies is exploring new cities across the United States for the 2020-2021 school year. As we prepare for the opening of these schools, we will have various information sessions and webinars for prospective families to attend and learn more about our program.

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100 percent of BASIS Curriculum students are accepted into four-year colleges or universities.
BASIS Curriculum students are 6 times more likely to score in the highest performance levels
BASIS Curriculum Schools represent 5 of the TOP 5 BEST HIGH SCHOOLS IN THE U.S. IN 2018
The BASIS Curriculum Schools network has 37 schools across the United States, China, and the Czech Republic

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Trusted by over 24,000 students

The BASIS Curriculum is widely recognized as one of the most academically advanced high school programs in the world. BASIS Curriculum Schools challenge students to reach the highest international benchmarks, and hold students accountable for mastering subject material.

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